TransAfrika Bike Race

Why, after completing the Freedom Challenge, Race Across South Africa in 2012 would I want to do something in a similar vein (not as tough, but comparable distance)?

Because it is fun and I like pushing myself.

Now that that is out the way: A fellow FC finisher and friend (in the broadest sense of the word – most friends would be happy to sit down with a glass of wine and relive previous challenges)  decided to organise a race on the subcontinent based on the concept of the TransContinental ( and TransAm (

The TransAfrika Bike Race was born (

From the official description: “Southern Africa’s Longest Unsupported Non-Stage Cycle Race. There’s something REALLY cool about racing the length of one of the World’s great ultra-distance and endurance sporting nations. Even better, make it an unsupported “continuous” or “non-stage” race and throw in a trip to the top of one of Africa’s highest mountain passes in the middle and you have the recipe for something truly iconic to add to the long list of SA’s great endurance sporting events.”

Hopefully I will manage to reorganise my website before the start.

There will be a link to the Nevarest app which will be tracking us as we plod along the country. Starting at Beit Bridge (South Africa / Zimbabwe border) via three check points (Swaziland, Moteng Pass in Lesotho and Prince Albert in the Eastern Cape) to Cape Town.

Here is the link:


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