Defrag continued – Verona  

Sitting on a high speed train from Verona to Venezia. Vineyards squeezed into every last available space. For the first time in a week I get to sit down and relax without driving or juggling Amarone and grappa. 
Cape West Coast for a week, then Italy for a week. A necessary break from my usual work routine to distill thoughts and strategise which projects get to be approved, which are culled and which go back into the nursery. Change is inevitable, it generally works against the laws of entropy – but is always rewarding in the long run. While I am not considering a career change (yet) from next year I will once again be changing jobs while traveling. 
Verona. Built on Persian marble. It was the scenes of Gladiator spectacles  during Roman times and progressed to games and tournaments in Medieval times. It is the same marble that lines the streets an supports some of the bridges. 

Then there was the wine:

Amarone. Ripassa. Masi. Which  leads  on to Grappa. Both when following the trail of the grapes from the  vineyards and in The evening when drinking.  

Verona is also the home of OrthoFix and Truelok / TL-Hex

Casa di Guilietta- Juliet’s house from the Shakespearean tragedy.

Marco Polo Airport – view from the air

Arena di Verona – at night from the Piazza Brà

Bridge into the city – morning walkabout

Grappa – ‘persona non grappa’

Clown Skull – Castelvecchio

Arena di Verona – acoustically exquisite

Arena di Verona – remnants of the external wing

An impromptu post

Working in a discipline where surgery and trauma predominates, one is exposed to situations that few others can relate to much less understand. Most of the time this is cured by various combinations of quality coffee, good wine and time in the saddle. Today I decided to revisit some of the most memorable photos from the past few years.
This was precipitated by my looking for a particular word I used in the title of one of initial posts in the build up to my first time working on the Iditarod (“Of peripatetics and Peregrinations… March 2010).

Between my research project, presentations and work there is not much time for me to be eloquent, so pictures will have to suffice.

2015/02/img_8155-wm-0.jpg>Electric storm over the ocean. Mtunzini

Holly and Sheba. Experimenting with post exposure processing.

2015/02/img_3933-wm-0.jpgDarkoush- a different view.

2015/02/img_4549-wm-0.jpgMy fascination with lights, Cairo.

2015/02/dsc08047.jpgThe best views are free. RASA 2012

2015/02/day-16-11-0.jpgGamkas, Die Hel. If you have to ask, you don’t need to know.

2015/02/day-16-32-0.jpgPerserverance. Freedom Challenge.

2015/02/img_1760-wm-wm.jpgWater, warmth and light. #Iditarod.

2015/02/img_0808-0.jpgSnowed in. Finger Lake.

2015/02/img_2440-wm-0.jpgSafety. A place of refuge. #Iditarod

That’s me signing out for now folks.