2017. Where to begin. After Vietnam there was a mad flurry of activity. Sorting out loose ends in Jo’burg and Centurion. Finalising paperwork with The GMC, the Royal College in Edinburgh and last minute getaways with my better half.  That included meeting part of la Colección in Paternoster before flying over to Glasgow in the middle of winter.

Dubai as a holiday destination. Not for shopping (as most of the world seems to consider a normal holiday activity) but rather somewherethat was halfway for each of us to travel, somewhere that was warm (did I mention Glasgow in winter?) and somewhere that had fun activities to do that weren’t preceded by ‘Mind the gap’.

Most of the people who heard that we were going to Dubai assumed that it was for shopping. Fortunately I can report back that I probably spent about three hours in shopping centres in total (and that included coffee in Starbucks un the middle of a Mosque (Ibn Battuta Mall). Pictures of that will be in the next post.

Atlantis. Sol Kerzner’s creation. Great day spent at the waterworld.

Marike found some pink fish.

Not bad for a smartphone.

High tea at the Burj al Arab – great way to start the holiday

Sunset at Jumeirah Beach on the Palm

Obligatory cocktails

The Burj from a moving vehicle (an open bus at night)

The Burj Khalifa – pictures in another post on what it looks like from the top.

So activities that need to be done (and I can recommend) are related to fast cars, tall buildings and good food. Photographic evidence to follow in the next installment.


The view from the world’s only 7 star hotel.

One thought on “Dubai 

  1. So far no luck with cell phone and messages to you! I sent a cell message to you saying I’d had a chat with Marika, it said “sent”, BUT with other messages I send it then says delivered and they are, with messages to you it does not add delivered, which means they are not sent! Spent 2 hours today standing at cnr of Sandton Drive and Rorebank Union Church, protesting about Zuma, Kerry came as well, her 2nd session, her 1st at 7am don’t ask me where. A huge country wide demo. Having an old leaking crown replaced, so both Dr. Mark and receptionist send their congratulations. Car service and visit Maureen on Wed with Kerry. An enjoy able Ukrane lunch at Verenas, 7 of us. I made a very successful carrot, cottage cheese, eggs,spices little cakes. 1Kg granted carrots! Off to the Lemon Squeezer for a Chanteclear Choral session with Verena and Wilfred on Tues. Jonathan here Thrs to deal with this Interest free loan. Dental Technitian Monday not satisfied with the color of the crownSpoke to Jane and Tom tonight’s Iv’e trouble with theTV What a lovely long chat, I shake my head in disbelief about your cousin, so sad. But ny sunglasses are STILL such a HIT!! Lots of love, Mom XXXX

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