Hong Kong – good to go

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17 January Day 10
Last day on the island. Frequented the usual Pacific Coffee Company and found a new boutique coffee shop in Soho. 
After allowing Johann a day to digest the magnitude of available electronics, we went shopping in Wanchai and managed not to go overboard. 

Times Square. 
The trip up to Sai Kung was longer than planned due to a route error (went to the Hung Hom MTR station instead of the closer station at Hang Hau). Minor navigation glitch. Lunch was another Dim Sum / Yum Cha sitting. Always varied and delicious. 

Once the bike boxes were loaded and checked in at the in-town check in we were free for the last few hours. 
Two of those hours were spend at a fight championship (E-1?). This was something of a kickboxing 101 meets WWF. 

Ring girls making sure they can do their job – before the fight starts. 
Flying back was uneventful and unremarkable- as one would expect when flying on the South African national carrier. There were no technical issues so that was a relief. 

Discussion topic of the day: how irrational people can be.

Watching the predawn light and sun rise over the Indian Ocean was peaceful at 60 000ft. It’s good to be coming home. 

Next up. Glasgow…

One thought on “Hong Kong – good to go

  1. Hi Peter. I have been following your blog on your latest trip with much interest . I just love Hong Kong and Vietnam ! I have been to Vietnam twice . Glad to hear that you are back safe .


    John Davies

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