Back to the smog

Blog Update Vietnam 14 January Day 7

Halong Bay and back to the smog

The cabins had an expansive view of the ocean and islands. Did seem slightly surreal waking up and showering with tall islands slipping past. 

Cave exploration – main activity for the day. While slightly smaller than the caves in the south of the bay, only 80 tourist ships operated in the northern part of the bay compared to 400+ in the south. It was worth missing breakfast to get to the caves (2.5 million years old apparently) before the morning tourist rush. 

One definitely appreciated the clear air and space of Halong when heading back to the city. 

Discussion topics for the day: how wheat is the most advanced plant from an evolutionary perspective. Is Agriculture a step back from hunter gatherers. 

How many chickens there are in the world (25 billion, fortunately humans are in the same league as cattle and sheep). 

One thought on “Back to the smog

  1. Amazing caves – one of my most striking memories of the mountains outside Beirut.

    Agriculture was the worst mistake humans ever made.
    Hunter-gatherers have a great life.
    The industrial revolution will be the death of the human race.
    I have been lucky enough to visit Pakistan, India and Bali – see many similarities in Vietnam but no way the world can support the lifestyle we live in SA.

    Have resigned myself to the reality of an ELE (Extinction Level Event) for humanity – hope I am gone by then but probably will unfortunately still be around.
    Archaeologists, if any survive, in the 2500s are going to be asking WTF were those organisms doing.
    Meantime I try to take as much joy out of every day as I can

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