Rain settling in…

Blog Update 

Vietnam 11 January Day 4

Sapa to Hanoi
The planned route up over the mountain and down the other side (1400m vertical climb) and one 18km uninterrupted downhill section was abandoned due to mist and rain. Even though this is Sapa’s dry season… The local Intel concurred with all the electronic weather forecasts. This rain wast destined to stay for the next few days. The appeal of spending seven hours in the rain, the last three with the wind chill factor being unbearable diminished rapidly. 
We opted to chang the bus booking and come back to Hanoi a day earlier – interrupted a FaceTime session with the sales guy and his girlfriend (? I think). The poor guy left his phone on the counter while changing our booking. Gave me ample opportunity to make faces at the person on the other side whose only escape was to pull the bed covers up. 
We wandered through Sapa doing touristy stuff, looking at the water buffalo grazing in the. Entire of town, shopping and trying to stay relatively dry. 

A neck and back massage seemed an ideal way to pass the time. The setting was very functional with no whale music / panpipes to put one to sleep. 
The bus trip was uneventful. The countryside looked great. Would’ve been a good cycle in better weather. 
Interesting discussion topic for the day: water bears (Tardigrades or moss piglets). 
Plan for tomorrow is the Military museum in Hanoi. 

Hot pot at the Red Hao. 

Waiting for the pre-massage Vietnamese coffee (extra strong with condensed milk). 

How to transport a 40kg gas canister. 

The planned route that never was. 

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