Vietnam – Hanoi and airports 

Blog Vietnam trip day 1. 

Background to the latest cycling destination: the rooster seems to inhabit an elevated position in Vietnamese history. From in flight magazines to paintings and festivals. Combined with the fact that 2017 is the year of the Rooster, I will limit the number of photos of roosters. 

Monument in the Lake

Vietnam has a population of 90million people. We are heading to the mountainous north western region which is home to the country’s five million ethnic minorities. I may have to change the dialect of the few words I learnt to get around here. 

A quiet side alley. 

Some brief observations for the day:

1. Short urinals. This will take a little getting used to. I feel like a seven foot giant here. 
2. Navigating intersections and traffic circles. Two step approach. Maneuver into the said intersection. Once in the middle of the capacious intersection guess where there will be a gap in about three seconds time. Shut your eyes and go for it. 
3. Scooters appear to be swarms of bees on the road. With an innate group memory that enables them to squeeze into any space. Cross reference to point 2 above. 
Tomorrow is a relatively early start. Taking the assembled bikes on the bus to Sapa and spending the afternoon testing our fitness levels in the hills. 

One room. Two bike boxes. Two single beds. Two bikes. Not much space to move. 

3 thoughts on “Vietnam – Hanoi and airports 

  1. Bravo! Following you with a smile on my face…

    Go for it, amico!



  2. Peter, following your travels with great interest. Did you know i teach children to cycle safely on the roads in traffic? Each 10 year old child gets 10 hours of on road tuition. But it is not too scary in England. Maybe we should come to Vietnam.Peter

    Sent from Samsung tablet

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