Back in the Saddle

Technically, the title is not that accurate. 

After six months of being back on the highveld, having an incredible amount of fun at work, it is once again time to find a new limit and push over it. 

After finishing off my registrar training time in Pietermaritzburg (June 2016) I was accepted to do a fellowship in Complex Trauma and Limb reconstruction based in two busy practices in Pretoria. After eight years of being out Gauteng, it time to come home. It has been great. Now for my next adventure. 

At times I seemed to be a transient sojourner in my old home town. 

Now back to the title of this post. The inaccuracy of it is due to me being close, but not on, my saddle. See the image below:

That is my Tallboy firmly secured in a bike box. Destination: 

Northern Vietnam. 

The Johann and Peter show (originally fro the Race Across South Africa / Freedom Challenge fame) is once again on the road. Having been shelved since TransAfrika, we are now going international and heading for the hills in Sapa, Vietnam. 

Updates and pictures will follow- depending on connectivity. Which will hopefully be scarce. 

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