A Mental Defrag


View from the Modern Tate


St Paul’s in the sun


The Fourth Plinth: Gift Horse




South West country with the tribe

During the last stretch of night calls as a registrar I started to formulate ideas of what I would like to photograph for my next blog post. It is always interesting delving into ones thoughts when on the cusp of a major change. I first moved down to Pietermaritzburg nine years ago. As the capital city of the province, it encompasses the good and the bad of most of its aliases. The City of Choice. Sleepy Hollow. There are other less complimentary ones but those are beyond the scope of todays musings.

At work, the new guys, (youngsters?) alway seem to be rushing but inefficiently so. Patients are moved around, with all the hype and drama and yet they still have so much to learn about working within the system that I am preparing to leave. And for the foreseeable future, not to return.
On the surface it appears to be a waste – taking my experience and leaving without passing on the some of the small pearls that make life in public hospitals so much easier and enjoyable. On a few occasions I did test the water to see how receptive colleagues would be for the short cuts, the cheats similar to the ones we used while playing computer games at school in order to save time and fast-track through to the fun sections. The responses were in fitting with our electronic and technological age: email me a copy.

I will miss my work in the state sector. Rewarding and frustrating to beyond breaking point and back again. The sleep deprivation and the rewards. One hand giveth, the other taketh away.

I could go into endless details about my last year in state sector healthcare and studying while working. Studying for a small piece of paper.
Instead, the first movie I watched in my exam free life was Bridge of Spies. The one phrase that Colonel Abel used it to describe the quality he observed in his lawyer James Donovan was Stoikiy Muzhik. He said the words after watching how resilient Donovan was in defending him. Stoikiy Muzhik, or standing man, the man who keeps standing back up even though everyone tries to put him down.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

My camera is a barometer for my mental state. When it is out and pitting its sensitive optics against the elements – then I am in that creative zone. When it is collecting dust, then the darkness becomes all encompassing. This weekend it was dusted off. Power sources were re-energised and old pictures from the memory cards were erased in order to make space for new adventures, fresh images to be created and captured.

Enjoy the photos.

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