The studying is finally over

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Exams, Masters & Orthopaedics Speciality training has finally been completed.

Once again I can look at the map on my wall at home (appropriately named a Peters Projection Map–Peters_projection ) and start planning my future. Places to travel and explore. Friends to visit. Work to be found. To be a student of the Peripatetic School.

This will entail walking away from the view that has kept me focused for the last year:

Watching the sun gradually creep over the distant hill, either from bed of more frequently while out cycling in the forest with Hlosi, my eighteen month old Mallinois will soon be distant memory.

The Freedom Challenge is starting again ( Gladiators heading out of Pietermaritzburg and down a trail of 2300km that will test them to their core. Strip away the veneer of the their personality until what is left is the resolve to overcome the multitude of challenges that is the Freedom Trail. In the words of the ever humble and inspiring Mike Woolnough ( “They say that home is where your heart is. My adventure heart is home here on the trail we call Freedom.”

Mike Horn wrote an article on being free and the privilege that is intertwined with being free ( as he embarks on his Pole to Pole expedition.

I am, for the first time in years, free to chose what I do with my time. It is a good place to be. It is time to find the next line, and go beyond it.

Part of that new found freedom will be spent honing my skills in the Limb Reconstruction field. Applying technical constructs such as the Illizarov fine wire fixator pictured below:

My photography is a barometer of my psyche – when I make time to take my camera out, it usually means I am in a good space. The following two photos sum that all up. The first is a lion in Pilansberg and the second is Mitch from the Bristol Limb Reconstruction Unit.

To end off here is a quote from Diana Nyad’s TEDx talk:
“…it’s not what you have achieved but who you have become…”

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