Back to reality

Sunrise Garlington

Puppy at sunrise

Sunset WV

Good end to the day

It has been twenty years ago since I wrote my first university exam at Rhodes in Grahamstown. Back then blogging wasn’t a thing. Emails were taking off amongst the “early uptakers” or early embracers. As students we could email each other and anyone else who had access to email. This meant usually someone in an IT department and journalists.
The highlight of my week then would behaving part of an email published in “Stoep Talk” – the venerable column by James Clarke in the The Star Newspaper.

It took 15 years for me to return to writing, now in the form of a blog. This was not meant to be a regular portal to expound on my thoughts but an avenue to share my photographs with those interested. I was heading to Alaska for the first time to work on the trail of the Iditarod sled Dog Race as a volunteer vet.

Well, the blog is still going – inversely proportional to the work load. Hence there has almost been strict radio silence for the last year. The results to determine if all the hard work and sacrifices were worth it will be known in about six weeks.
Hopefully today was the last exam. Not that I intend to stop learning – but rather aim for less didactic learning and more experience / research / travel experience.

My MMed was published in March. Reading it now makes the amount of time i spent preparing it seem ridiculous. Chalk that up to being slow and inexperienced.

Within a few years I aim to be able to use my time spent studying and working to morph into working and traveling. Watch this space. The options are endless, some old plans (Himalayas, The Americas – all off them, sailing, cycling, back to Alaska – maybe one day on a fat wheel) and some new plans (not all involve cycling!)

My camera has been neglected. That needs to be rectified. I have started with a new camera bag, battery charger and reactivating my Instagram account.

Simplifying my life: After finding a great place to live in 2015 (Picture above) that is within walking distance from a small coffee shop (same owner as the one that kept me sane when I first visited Pietermaritzburg for my internship: Hong Kong / United Kingdom / Canada within four months and then the stark reality of the Sleepy Hollow). From here I can ride out of the gate and into endless single track and mountain bike trails. Waking up to watch the sun rise reminds me of the early starts while riding on the Freedom Challenge. Gives you perspective before the chaos of the day unfolds. How this relates to simplifying my life? Once again I have surreptitiously accumulated dust collectors in all forms. Which need to go.

The latest trend that I have been following are the travel blogs giving advice on travel and minimalistic living. So now that I have become settled again living well within my comfort zone, it may be time to pack everything up, rent out my apartment and push some boundaries.

Or as one of my mantras states:

Find your line. Go beyond it.

From tomorrow the photos will be back…

2 thoughts on “Back to reality

  1. Well done Peter. I imagine the free feeling of expanding into the experiences now that the formal learning is over.

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