Heading off the trail – #Iditarod 2015

As always, flying along the Mighty Yukon (even when frozen) serves as a reality check as to how big the river is and how harsh it is out there.

Monty, one of the IFA pilots, took us for a scenic trip down the Yukon en route to Galena. We flew over Ruby and about six teams. The day before they had seen three wolves on the river.

Flying into Galena, an ex-USAF Jet Fighter base during the Cold War.

The Saab that took us back to Anchorage.

The transition from a snow covered landscape to the dryer ice covered land in the south. This was the major reason why the restart or the race was moved from Willow to Fairbanks.

The view from The Millenium Hotel, Anchorage. The lake (also functions as PAMR) is all iced up with no snow to be seen anywhere.



One thought on “Heading off the trail – #Iditarod 2015

  1. Pete you make me so jealous . Amazing pictures how long were you out there ?
    Best regards , Marius .

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