The quiet before the storm. #Iditarod2015

The race restart apparently went off uneventfully in Fairbanks this morning. Teams are racing down the trail. According to the trail breakers (who stayed in Tanana on Sunday night) the trail was soft so they expected the lead teams to take a little strain while the trail became more compacted.

The media guys. Along claimed the accommodation next to the checkpoint that we had settled into. This necessitated a move to a house that is a ten minute walk away. At least we now have running water and ablutions on site!

First teams expected this morning. They are still close together so it will be quite frenetic for the first 24hrs. We should be able to split up and do shifts after that. There are 6 vets, 3 rookies.

Here are some images from my evening walk around Tanana:

What was our Shangri-La. Now the Media Centre.

View down the river where the team will head down. (Yukon River). The locals say if there isn’t a head wind, then you are going the wrong way.

The local school at dusk.



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