Of peripatetics…

Yesterday I saw a patient who started off her life being thrown into the fire in the land of the isiZulu. This morning I am faced with the decision of which coffee shop in Frankfurt Airport would be the best place to procure a double espresso. Tomorrow morning I will probably be heading out on the trail somewhere west of Fairbanks, AK, to see dog teams mushing along the one thousand mile journey to Nome.

Travel gives one perspective.

The first movie chronicles an aspiring jazz drummer at a prestigious musical conservatory in New York City. (Whiplash, 2014). This was a stark contrast to Kill The Messenger – a story of the Contras, the CIA and crack cocaine in the eighties.

Rather than heading around the airport and risk incurring a security breach with my camera (I need to study anyway), here are some from the archives:

“Thistle in a war zone”. Darkoush. 

Team leaving Safety at first light. Iditarod.

Painted Reed frog, Northern KZN. 

Termites posing. 

Now for coffee and some studying…

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