Long day to Dennehof – Day 12 #TransAfrika

Another long day was required. Departed from Aberdeen at 2am for the 120km trip to Willowmore. Straight roads. Springbok. Sheep. And one suicidal dove.

First stop of the morning.

A very empty dam.

One of the obligatory stops on a brigde.

Once again we became the entertainment for the Willowmore coffee shop owner / local farmer. After hearing about the race he proceeded to tell us why road cycling was safer and his annual attempts to cycle the Argus.

Finally some dirt road. This was the beginning of the 150km stretch to Prince Albert.

Portable ablutions.

An unofficial water stop.

Seeking out some shade for a lunch break.

Welcome relief. To drink and cool down.

Destination: over the distant mountains.

Klaarstroom – final stretch for the day.

Scenery change.

The sheep are getting bigger

Prince Albert Valley

Blew me off the road and almost into a rock face, made Johann look like a five year old balancing on a bike

In the valley before finding a feast and great accommodation at the final Check Point: Dennehof Guest House. Thanks Ria.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

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