Fighting the deep seated fatigue – Day 11 #TransAfrika

The early day (2am start) ended up being fruitless. We managed an average speed of 11km/h for the first four hours. Road conditions were ideal – quiet open road with rolling hills.

This was the plan.

Ever changing scenery (taken on the move, hence shirt sleeve making an appearance)

The start of the big climb. Johann’s attempt to sleep were unsuccessful: truck drivers took it upon themselves to hoot when driving past.

Lootsberg Pass. The descent once again was worth the gradual climb.

Breakfast in a nursery (& coffee shop) in Graaf-Reinet followed by some R&R for Johann while I searched out the local bike shop for some on-going maintenance.
Apparently the local definition of a bike shop is the local motor spares shop attached to the petrol station. Appropriate spares were a little scarce. At least the guy agreed that cycling with a dry chain was suboptimal.

The ladies at the Graaff Reinet Tourism Info Bureau wanted a picture of me for their FaceBook page. Fame at last.

Cooling down under a tree.

We opted to limp along to Aberdeen, 120km short of the target for the day (Willowmore) but that now becomes tomorrow’s problem.

The view from the front door. Aberdeen.

The advantage of the early arrival was a swim in the pool. Feel almost human. Met up with John & Marius at the local coffee shop. Sourcing and appreciating good coffee must be a prerequisite for entering this race.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

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