Mind games and Training – Day 10 #TransAfrika

Started the day in the darkness, Orion on one side, Southern Cross on the other, Milky Way over head.
Predawn light as the new moon rises behind in the east.
Therapy. That is the only way to describe it.
Cured the 2am lack of motivation of climbing into smelly cycling clothes, sleep deprivation and general feeling of waking up tired and unrested.

No amount of training would have helped this except for seven days of hard cycling and perhaps a massage. Incredible what our legs are capable and willing to do at the moment.

Morning light after being on the road for three hours already.

Snack on the side of the road – using the side of the bridge for shade.

Open road. Fantastic.

No coffee there.

An igloo coffee shop owned by an Austrian who made pizza. In the middle of the Karoo. Go figure.

Bikes exhibiting shade seeking behaviour.

The Karoo isn’t flat.

The Drakensberg border here, in the eastern Cape?

Another roadside snack view.

Now in Middleburg. Abandoned earlier plans to push through to Graaf Reinet. That is tomorrow’s plan. A big day tomorrow.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

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