Of highlights & headwinds #TransAfrika Day 8

Today there were three highlights:
1. Way out in front was the descent from Moteng Pass. No cars. Flying down the pass with minimal (one) traffic for the 14minute flight. With my setup developing a speed wobble at 78km/h I didn’t push to go any faster that early in the day.
The remaining time spent in Lesotho was spent heading for the Ficksburg border post. Which leads me to the next highlight:
2. Crossing the border back into SA and being able to leave behind five hours of constant traffic, narrow roads, incessant requests for money and or sweets, noise and regular headwind gusts. This was reinforced at the border which appeared like a zombie town.
3. Cycling the last 10km into Ladybrand without a headwind. (Yes the rest of the trip was into one).

The start of the day.

Our lunch spot. No surprise both of us were in a bit of an odd mind space the whole morning.

Heading into the Free State.

Late afternoon snack stop. A welcome change from garage / Spat food.

The view from our snack stop.

Evening view heading to Ladybrand.

Met one of the Ficksburg Guesthouse owners while he was out training. He (Lindsay?) is planning a cycling trip from Athens to London. Sounds great. Want to find out how it goes…

Anyway, need to get up early – johann wants to maintain our position a the leaders in the team category.


Find your line. Go beyond it.

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