The climbing just got real – day 4? #TransAfrika

Today was a day of climbing

Whether it was to get okay of Nelspruit (thanks to Plumbline for the free boerewors rolls – made a welcome change from the usual Spar / convenience store staple diet we have been living one for the last few days).

Then it was climbing over the mountains to get to Barberton.
The GoPro clip of Johann sliding horizontally across a steep downhill will be uploaded soon.

Following that was a steep long climb to get to the Josefsdal Border Post. Initially the closing time of 4pm seemed easily achievable. However the skewed ratio of more uphills to downhills meant our riding average was much lower. With much gnashing if teeth we made it to the border before closing time.

This is where we were heading.

More uphill to Bulembu – fortunately one or two downhills made it worth it.
Interesting hotel: staff look scared every time one speaks to them and the only channel available on the TV was Fight Club – which caused much disappointment.

And now for the sign of the day, on a dirt road:

That’s me signing out, early start.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

2 thoughts on “The climbing just got real – day 4? #TransAfrika

  1. “I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride it where I like” Have you seen any fat bottomed girls?
    You guys know how to dig deep, so just wishing you good health and a safe ride. Hopefully Matthew will help you pick up the pace!? Great blogs. Cheers,

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