Following the advice of rock stars #TransAfrika day 3?

TransAfrika day 3 (I think)

Making Burgersfort last night was abandoned due to the headwinds.
That resulted in a 1am start and enabled us to wrap up 90km before 6am. It was Johann’s turn to be man down. Either sleep deprivation or an early respiratory tract infection necessitated forced long stop. Sympathy wasn’t forthcoming.

Warming up for the restart in Burgerstfort.

Next was the hills and passes en route to Lydenburg.

The clincher was definitely cycling up Long Tom Pass in the pre-dusk and hurtling down the other side in the dark. Free wheeling downhill for such an extended period made it all worth it.

Not a bad climb.

The dirt road through the forest will cost us in time. Need some minor repairs at the bike shop this morning.

The backpackers accommodation was suboptimal and psychologically the worst part of the day: a 10km journey, mostly uphill, from our supper spot (garage 24 hour convenience store) in the middle of town.

Today’s goal is Check Point 1. Piggs Peak in Swaziland which will unfortunately be in the heat of the day due to bike repairs forcing us to stay in Nelspruit past sunrise.

Definitely the first big day. The first day when we truly followed Queen’s advice from their thirty-six year old album (‘Jazz’): “Get on your bikes and ride”.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

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