Captain’s log amendments

Things entered character building mode this afternoon. As we headed west along the tar roads the stops were frequent and unrewarding.

While debating where to try and find accommodation in Vivo (opted to try and avoid the truckers brothel as it would be noisy amongst other thing), a random individual stopped at the side of the road to enquire about our accommodation plans for the evening. He (Dawid Botma) offered us his spare room. It seemed kind of rude to refuse.

While Johann dealt with being polite I attempted to try and keep some fluids down. An ongoing task.

Tomorrow morning we will re-assess. The three days to Check Point 1 are looking less likely. At this stage it will be paramount to get there before the cut off.

Not ideal for my “not proper” MTB tyres. (Thanks got pointing that out Ben).

Great when it is hard. (The road, minds out the gutter)

Me working on being perfectly horizontal for the first of many occasions.

The photo of me looking like a bergie passed out at the entrance to the convenience shop will follow once it get it from Johann.

Tomorrow we start from the beginning.

Find your line. Go beyond it.

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