Trackers don’t lie – Day 1 TransAfrika

Meeting time in the car park was 5am in order to get bodies and bikes up to Beit Bridge, ready for the start and police escort by 6am. The latter was necessary as the first 20km of the race was on the N1 and non motorised vehicles are not routinely allowed to utilize the road.

Max with his Carbon neutral charging setup.

Nick & Dan, completed TransContinental, now for TransAfrika

Johann and I opted for the route west of the N1 along the railway. The thought process behind that decision was based on getting some flat open roads and avoiding the Thoyoyando / Giyani hills and traffic. We were going to get the legs ready for the kicker of Long Tom Pass.

This plan probably would have been ideal had our bikes not been slightly overweight and my newish tyres too hard and too thin for the soft sand. It necessitated doing long sections of hike a bike along the sand.

The ambient temperature topped out at 38degC in the valley (heading to Waterpoort, and there was no water). We discovered a local farmer who was repairing a Windmill. Johann volunteered to go and refill the bottles so I could spend sometime being horizontal. He ended up getting the entire family history.

This caused us to be way behind schedule. This combined with me struggling to keep fluids in forced a radical change of plans.


Find your line. Go beyond it.

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