Penultimate Day

IMG_3193.JPG this was the last trip that we did seated on comfortable leather seats: Jo’burg to Musina via Louis Trichardt.

IMG_3194.JPGtraffic jams in Limpopo are due exploded trucks.

IMG_3195.JPGJohann found a spare bike while shopping for supplies in the local Boxer store.

Johann’s bike arrived safely. His cycling bag (with everything inside it) didn’t. It remained in jo’burg. With tempers a little frayed, a plan was made for someone to drive the bag up tonight. Guess who will be preparing his bike at 11pm tonight… Not ideal.

Race briefing is at the local Spur. Captain Mills from the local law enforcement agency (will find out tomorrow when we see what markings are on his vehicle) warned about baboons at the start. Apparently they are known to steal anything left unattended.

Random shooters at Mikes Kitchen. They just appeared.


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