The Johann & Peter Show returns

The “johann & peter show” is the name that was given to us after starting the Freedom Challenge / Race Across South Africa in 2012. There were many reasons for this. One was the light hearted and humorous way in which situations were approached. Another was the extent of the apparent disorder which floated around.

Well, that show is back. Not much has changed.

We are once again going to be moving through countless different area codes together.

Tomorrow, shortly after sparrows, we are being collected and driven to Musina for the race briefing. It will be the last comfortable seat that either of us will sit in for the next few weeks. The distance to be covered is considerable: 2700km.

Sunday morning is the beginning. 6am we will depart from the Beit Bridge border post (Zimbabwe / South Africa) on a grueling race to Cape Town.

Watch this space for updates.

Tracking, courtesy of Nevarest, will be available through the TransAfrika ( )

Or through Nevarest:

Watch this space.

3 thoughts on “The Johann & Peter Show returns

  1. Enjoy it Pete. I will be tracking your and Johan’s progress for my solo attempt March next year. Regards Leon

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