Phoenix time

August is the first month in what will be a year long project: writing finals. This time next year I will be in the throes of exams to obtain that little piece of paper that allows me entry to the Ortho Club.

This past week I achieved a personal goal of doing a knee replacement. A simple yet biomechanically challenging operation.

I also started the final stage in my training for my next cycling challenge: TransAfrica Bike Race – an unsupported bike trek from Beit Bridge to Cape Town. That will take place in October.

Last but not least, this was the month I upgraded my trusty old iMac for a new version. There is now an understated black tower under my desk. This Mac Pro is expected to handle my large volume of digital photo files fast and efficiently, but will also handle the assault of the time lapse photography that I am planning to immerse myself in.

Here are some of the mandatory photos:

20140817-232804-84484156.jpgthe autographed book by Jeff Schultz, “Chasing Dogs”. An epic pictorial book of Jeff’s time being the official photographer on the Iditarod. Combines two of my passions: Sled Dogs and Photography. And it is autographed.

20140817-233157-84717344.jpgDistrict road 494. One of my training routes for the TransAfrika bike race. It entails over 1000m of ascent.



20140817-233453-84893973.jpgThe Lake District. An ideal place for a Batchelors Weekend. Mountain biking. Coasteering (kloofing…) and Fire Jenga. There was the mandatory consumption of alcohol of course!


Next update will be the trialing out of the GoPro. In order to become acquainted with the device (for TransAfrika) I took it with me this last weekend on a motor biking / adventure riding trip. Pictures (and potentially some edited videos) will follow.

3 thoughts on “Phoenix time

    • Once you have built a small fire, everyone takes a turn (consecutively) in adding on a piece of wood. The person who makes the fire collapse or whose piece of wood falls off – gets to consume a beverage.

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