22000km as the crow flies.

That is approximately the distance for me to get home.
As with many things in life it is best not to know the details. With time zone changes I am choosing to stay blissfully unaware of the number of hours spent traveling on commercial airlines since leaving Anchorage in the witching hours of Saturday morning. A delayed flight in Seattle (technical problem) ensured I missed my direct connecting flight out of Washington, D.C. to jo’burg and ended up being re-routed through Frankfurt.

Once I get back I will be flying below the radar until exams are over. To tide things over, follow the race on http://www.iditarod.com or Facebook. There are four contenders for first place steaming along and ripping up the ice en route to Nome. It will be a tight finish.

20140309-194109.jpg It is easier to sleep while sitting.

20140309-194217.jpgNewton Marshall, the Moshin’ Man from Jamaica preparing to head out after his 24hr stop in McGrath.

20140309-194356.jpgDropped dogs waiting for a flight home.

20140309-194445.jpgthe Navaho – flight home with 20 dogs.

20140309-194548.jpgThe twenty dogs.

That sums it up.

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