The Waiting Game

After waking up at 4am this morning – uncertain if I can claim that as jet lag or if it merely a result of long term conditioning of trying to study while working and doing all night calls. I suspect the latter.

20140302-123013.jpg This is the quality of the snow in Anchorage.

Weather in Anchorage was warm and clear skies until 10:00 this morning, which is about the time all the light aircraft were preparing to pick up passengers and fly out to the restart in Willow or further down the trail. The mist that moved in has put paid to flights for now.

The first check point that I am due to work at is Yetna:

20140302-111017.jpg (picture compliments of

Most of the teams should have passed through the checkpoint with a few hours so it will be a fast and busy checkpoint.

In the interim, while we hurry up and wait in an all to familiar routine of not becoming inpatient while at the mercy of the weather, some reading time and bonding with my books is indicated.

Sebastian is in Willow for the restart:

20140302-123218.jpgThe morning sun trying desperately to burn off the mist.

3 thoughts on “The Waiting Game

  1. Good luck Peter. We in Dallas and it is 16 degrees this morning which is way to cold for us so I feel your pain! Stop by Arizona to warm up on your way back!! 😉 Rory.

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