Iditarod time again

Tonight is the fourth time that I head over to what is geographically and seasonally the opposite side of the world. Even when I departed Pietermaritzburg at 4am (after squeezing in a sneaky ward round) it was warm in my jeans and t-shirt. Driving required the air con to be cranked up to start the process of becoming acclimatised (or ‘acclimmated’ in my attempt at American accent).

After a few years of neglecting the airport Slow Lounges, I am now back inside and enjoying the luxuries. It is reminiscent of the days when I was working in Hong Kong and qualified for the upgrade based of the air-miles accumulated from frequent trips to the East.

For the first time while traveling across countless time zones I will not be watching back-to-back movies and TV series. Much as in 1996 while traveling through sub-Saharan Africa as a vet student and study canine anatomy and pharmacology, this trip is going to be a studying one too. No supplementary exams but Orthopaedic Intermediate exams soon after my return.

Enough ramblings, the next update will be from somewhere significantly closer to the Arctic Circle near the Bering Sea.


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