The Herald of a New Year

New Years resolutions have never been high on the priority list. This is partly due to the fact that since finishing Vet School in 2001 I have worked over the festive season. This does not create a conducive environment to reflect and ponder achievements nor plan ahead.

20140111-153626.jpgLightning from the patio in Mtunzini (northern KZN – the humble abode for the first year of my Orthopaedic Training post)


Mozambique for the weekend

Nguni cow

This last December was no different. If anything it was less sociable but more productive compared to the festive seasons I have spent on other continents and other major South African cities. This was partly due to my on call rota being relatively impressive as I was finishing my three month rotation in the regional Surgical / Trauma ICU /ITU. Let me sum it up by saying that once again, Christmas is a time of giving and receiving much trauma for everyone.

Knowing that I have two big sets of exams scheduled for 2014 (two out of three) was the precursor tome resigning myself to the sobering fact that after traveling to Alaska, San Francisco and Syria in 2013 and completing the Spring Ride2Rhodes and The Swazi Frontier, this year was going to be less adventurous.

Lehana’s Pass, Eastern Cape, SA.

Ottoman Empire ruins in Syria

20140111-154726.jpgDarkoush, Syria.


The Iditarod has become an event that I could realistically participate in every second or third year. Unfortunately 2015 is out as I plan to write finals in that year.

Never being a person to make the most obvious decision, 2014 looks as if it will be a year of exams, Alaskan Huskies and cycling ( )

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