Impenetrable walls of heat

The final day of The Swazi Frontier was less frenetic than the previous morning. Pigg’s Peak must be the first reputable institution that I have frequented that doesn’t serve cappuccinos in the morning because the Bar is closed.

The morning climb to get everyone’s thermostat aclimatised to the high expected ambient temperature.

The view of where we were headed. A brief respite from the climbing.

Single track almost falling over the edge of the mountain.

Trees would be in short supply later in the day when ambient temperatures reached the high forties (unconfirmed reports of 49degC)

Valuable timber

Heading towards the saw mill

The climb to the waterpoint. Temperatures steadily climbing.

Kraal with a view overlooking the Komatie River, which we had to cross.

The heat taking its toll

Every tree had a cyclist underneath it. Desperate to cool down a degree or two. Overheating was a foregone conclusion.

The hot air no longer cooled one, nor would perspiration evaporate to facilitate cooling.

String bridge before the worst of the heat.

Bodies over heated. Electronics (cameras & phones) ceased to work due to the heat. Only submersing oneself (and phone) in the river made the temperatures bearable.

Humour returned. Bodies cooled.

The last stretch to the finish. Spontaneous fires still burning in the background (the route had taken us through their paths).

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