The magnificent Bulembu valley

Day two of the Swazi Frontier. Apparently a slightly easier ride than the previous day but the same number of climbs, especially towards the end.
It was a ride where, except for the beginning, everyone was more spread out so the riding was quieter and conducive to enjoying the valley and surrounding hills. There were a few who struggled with this as their confidence in their ability to follow the navigation was lacking.

The Bulembu (ex) Mining Town farewell committee signifying the start of day two.

There were a few necessary walks on the big climb out of the forest.

That is the way forward.

Johann & Ben at a navigation stop.

We stopped counting the river crossings after ten. There were more important activities to occupy one’s mind. Like avoiding low lying branches (fortunately helmets protect against those) and appreciating the view.

The valley which we cycled in for a large portion of the day.

This river wasn’t rideable.

To avoid the crowds of the waterpoint, we stopped early for a break, snack and water replenishment. With a view like that, it was easy to stay.

The perspective of the hill is somewhat lost. It was steep and the ambient temperatures were in the high thirties. Possibly approaching the 39degC of yesterday.

The jacarandas are plentiful, as were the stream and hills. Waterfalls were not as common.

Moral support and encouragement from the local school for the last climb of the day: the Phogga (sp?). Not for the faint hearted.

That is what awaited us. A pool. Lunch. Cold beers and somewhere to relax.

Now to head off in search of a cappuccino.

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