The tough day #theSwaziFrontier

Once again my life has returned to the ‘Find a mountain and get over it’ stage. Johann & I – much like our time on Race Across South Africa (Freedom Challenge 2012) are now doing the Swazi Frontier which seems to be located in the hilliest and rockiest part of Swaziland.

First panorama of the day.

The rickety wooden slat bridge (far left in the picture) followed by a meandering course along the river.

No escaping the hills.

When I get to a screen bigger than two by three inches I will intersperse the images in chronological order. In the mean time, some non panorama images.

Ready at the start. Johann doing what he does best.

Not wanting to get wet feet. Oh wait, I think the reason was to test if the cleats were non slip?

We were heading for the high road.

That was where we had just cycled up.

The stifling hot and still air in the valley was cured by sitting in the stream. The difficult part was leaving.

The faint zigzag track on the opposite hill had been a downhill test. Fantastic.

Last stretch: to the other side of the mine dump.

Bulumbu lodge – water, food (lots of it), beer and a bed to rest on. The latter is the last remaining task for the afternoon.

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