The brief respite has ended

The heavily charged atmosphere was palpable last night when I arrived home. An Air Force MiG had bombed a town 40km to the south.

This was a stark contrast to the morning of wandering round the old city, walking on the stone roads leading to the ancient Roman baths. The bustling activity through the narrow convoluted alleyways. (Early morning walkabout at the expense of breakfast).

As we start to wind down our time here, the caseload of operations that need to be done before we leave is climbing significantly. The three year old with flexure contractions on her hand, the shattered humerus, the septic shoulder fracture following a mortar blast. Alternatives for them are to cross the border into Turkey (escaping out of Syria is the difficult part for them) and going to a Turkish hospital. Then they are placed on a waiting list. Some of the outcomes that I have seen thus far have been suboptimal. Both operated and missed cases / incorrect diagnoses.



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