Darkoush, a mixed bag.

It’s been almost a week that we’ve been in a war zone. Most of us seem to be acclimatising to nuances of living with an elevated baseline adrenalin level. The mortar shells exploding in the distance and the constant visual reminder of the high level of personal protective equipment that most individuals carry is becoming routine. Even the journalists are beginning to understand all the medical terminology and what to expect when one of the members of the medical teams whips out a phone to start sharing graphic pictures of the days cases.

The innocent trauma remains as stark and harsh as before. The shrapnel injuries to women and children are horrific.

Yesterday part of the team started their return journey to South Africa and some newbies arrived. Will be interesting to observe how they go through the adaptive process that we transitioned through last week.

Apparently Livan (my ex boss and consultant from Pietermaritzburg) made it onto TV yesterday. Fame at last.

20130421-100310.jpgThe wifi hub on the roof of the hospital. The journalists upload their live feeds from here


The only operational tank remaining in the town. The rest were at the frontline.

Rounds of ammunition laid out in preparation for battle

Early morning view of the cherry and olive trees from the balcony.

Mortar shell impact 50m from the dining hall.

3 thoughts on “Darkoush, a mixed bag.

  1. That bomb was a bit close! Let me know the rough killometerage of your car so I can pay for the road insurance disc before 30th April!! Lots of love Mom.

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