And they continue to fall

Our journey started from the same hotel as yesterday. The route to the border the was a little less traditional. Started in a generic taxi. Deteriorating roads aided the transition to our next mode of transport which was reminiscent of a thirty year old Massey Ferguson tractor. Baggage took up over half of the trailer so the sixteen passengers were relegated to the remainder of the Diesal soaked space with stragglers perched precariously on the baggage. The road seemed to be an oscillating mix of potholes and mud. Passengers an luggage alike were transferred piecemeal to an oversized bathtub for the penultimate leg. The final leg was a high speed race to Darkoush.

The hospital, our own purpose built two story building (converted from a house three months ago) has seen a significant number of patients already. Trauma related to the fighting a few days ago has mostly been treated. Outpatients / Casualty required some focused work to clear the queues.

Tomorrow we start with theatre cases.

There were two brief episodes of shells falling today. The jovial nature and gay abandon which some people approached the security issues of working in a wad zone disappeared incredibly quickly. I think it was by the second loud “thunderclap”. With wanting to appear too harsh the gay abandon was replaced with rite outs indignation. Fortunately those are in the minority.

This precipitated a couple of challenging episodes of accommodation exchanges. The dynamics of balancing socially and culturally acceptable sleeping arrangements with people faced with the prospect of not being able to sleep due to perceived security issues. Enough said.

The tea drinking session with the owner of the house was far more entertaining. Only one person present was bilingual in Arabic and English. Then the freedom fighter and relative of the owner arrived. The conversation naturally progressed to aspects of the war, from underlying philosopies to pictures (on his mobile phone)of guns,
Victims (not sparing any age nor favoring any gender). His perspective is a little different to of us as
he has lost most of his friends.

Photos to follow tomorrow. I need some sleep so my patience with people (read colleagues) is optimal.


One thought on “And they continue to fall

  1. Hi Peter, I see that the adventure of your life continues – I live vicariously through you! Love your blogs – keep them up!!!!

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