Hurry up and wait

Yeni Sehir Lake is a small village next to the border. This is where we are waiting to complete the paperwork and obtain authorization to cross into Syria.

The mood on leaving Hayat this morning was a little somber. The implications of our planned destination has started to seep in.

The green fields have made way for a more mountainous terrain. Syria lies on the southern side of the border.

20130414-145247.jpgThe Hatay airport last night.

20130414-145432.jpgTurkish Airlines

20130414-145538.jpgmorning walk in Hatay.


20130414-145632.jpgOld Architecture.

20130414-145714.jpgLast chance for ice cream (Not the last meal). Mark, An

20130414-151740.jpgSunday at the lake kids swimming, jumping off the bridges and generally relaxing.

Apparently one of the reporters will be sending photos to The Times / The Daily Times (South African editions).

Will sign off now as Salim, one of the locals here has invited us to join him for tea at the lakeside on what looks to be an expensive carpet.


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