Africa, Europe then Asia

Three continents. One day. I find myself sipping a Starbucks while waiting for the last part of our trip to Hatay (Turkey). Once we are the the logistics of getting all the medical equipment to the hospital in Darkush (Syria) begins. The skeleton staff of local medical personnel have been working consistently for the past three months. Last week the 41st baby was delivered.

With the planned influx of medical staff (us) clinics in the surrounding areas have started ascending patients across to the hospital.

Already potential game plans have been formulated to optimise the available theatre time and staff allocations. I suspect we will implement shifts to cover clinics, operating and managing some sleep. It is apparent from the disrupted sleep patterns thus far that some team members are less resistant to prolonged hours of wakefulness.

Minimal photos on this update. Hopefully the comms guys will have something up and running in the hospital. In the interim, look out for updates in the star, SABC, eTV and News24.

20130413-213813.jpgrehoming 50 plus passports with their rightful owners after being without them for four hours in Cairo.

20130413-214006.jpgreunited: consultant & registrar.

20130413-214115.jpgThe desert that is Cairo.

20130413-214200.jpgSome of the luggage and medical equipment.

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