Northern Lights

It was clear and cold. The aurora borealis painted palpitating color revels on the sky. Rosy waves of cold brilliancy swept across the zenith, while great coruscating bars of greenish white blotted out the stars.”
~ Jack London, “A Daughter of the Aurora”

20130412-150103.jpgA low key display

20130412-150203.jpgSafety Roadhouse at night with the Aurora building in the background.

20130412-150359.jpgSafety Roadhouse

20130412-150555.jpgSnow, stars and the Northern Lights.

A vibrant, ever changing display.


20130412-150817.jpgLooking straight up.

20130412-151026.jpgTeam approaching the checkpoint.

20130412-151113.jpgChecking a team under the illuminated night sky.

20130412-151210.jpgAn expectant subject.

20130412-151310.jpgA lunar glimpse.

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