Wind & Aurora

The aurora displayed itself to us tonight. The pictures from my phone don’t do it justice, so y’all will have to wait for the official ones from my camera.

Currently there is a 40knot wind blowing outside. The ambient temperature is only 20degC below but the wind makes it far worse.

The days (and nights) are made up of watching for approaching teams. Safety is a roadhouse comprising of an open bar and pool table. I’m sleeping on the couch and the two Comms guys are on camp beds adjacent to the pool table. The closest town is Nome (22miles away) by snowmachine with an occasional fisherman’s cabin visible en route.
Due to the remoteness of the checkpoint the only way of communicating is satellite phones and patchy CB radio. This means that we are unable to utilize the Eye on Earfh GPS Trackers, relying on binoculars during daylight hours and spotting headlamps approaching at night. This has resulted in some close calls with teams sneaking up to the checkpoint.






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