One year in pictorial format

Rather than bore everyone with a newsy blog about 2012, below are some of my favourite pictures from 2012. Enjoy at your leisure. Hopefully the 2013 version will be even more diverse and tougher!

20130101-165328.jpg Origami. Fantastic to distract one while trying to study. The Hummingbird required 36 steps to complete.

20130101-165355.jpg The view from my current abode in KZN.

20130101-165416.jpg Rafting down the Umkomaas River over Easter.

20130101-165434.jpg An obligatory jump into the river after a days rafting.

20130101-165447.jpg The true spirit of mountain biking: The Freedom Challenge, Race Across South Africa.

20130101-165539.jpg RASA – nearing Darlington Dam

20130101-165627.jpg RASA – photo of me compliments of Andrew King.

20130101-165654.jpg RASA – different modes of transport.

20130101-165722.jpg RASA – Baviaanskloof, the road less traveled.

20130101-165821.jpg RASA -riding at dusk

20130101-170011.jpg The microsurgery course – the artery is 5mm in diameter and needed six sutures around the circumference.

20130101-170149.jpg Dock yard at Maputo, Mozambique.

20130101-170225.jpg A honey bee about to launch.

20130101-170307.jpg Maputo Bay (formerly Delagoa Bay)

20130101-170446.jpg Looking into Hout Bay, Cape Town.

20130101-170600.jpg a Zulu Impi

20130101-170631.jpg The Mighty Drakensberg

20130101-170704.jpg Food for thought

Have a good year folks.


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