Gladiators, or not?

Read Jody Forrester’s blog entry on the final day of the Freedom Challenge RASA2012 where he concisely explains part of what makes the race unique and such a special event. He finished on the same day as Johann and I, albeit a few hours earlier. We stopped for snacks and photos when they stopped for Red Bulls!

” Put a fork in me……I’m Done!! ”

Here is a quote from one of the legends from the race, whom I had the privilege of cycling with for a few days. This is a man who knows the route well enough he does most of the race without the maps and narratives:
“As the Race Across South Africa cyclists arrive at Diemersfontein after nearly 2300km of off road challenge I stand in awe of their achievements. Almost want to confer gladiatorial status on them except that I am too on of them and a gladiator I am not. What an amazing race”. (Mike Woolnough)

Every year for the last nine years Blanket wearers have been experiencing the the same process. Re-integrating into the cliched normal society and adapting back to pre Freedom Challenge functioning. Except there is a minor problem: the minds of those who have completed the Freedom Challenge have been stretched and their perspective, both internal and external, will not be able to return to the pre-race state. Something inside has changed.
That something will be managed for a while by reminiscing, perusing photos and looking at the bike that carried one across South Africa. Those are all however, temporary measures to stave off the burning desire inside.


One thought on “Gladiators, or not?

  1. Peter, you have got it exactly right. Who would want to return to the pre-race state. Somehow it seems so uninformed. The world as we know it just got a whole lot bigger and our own self importance challenged. And yet, in the process of that churn, a deep tranquility and satisfaction rises to the surface.
    Congratulations once again on your achievement.

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