And now the end is here…

Waking up in Trouthaven, usual drenching night sweats, metabolism running in overdrive. Wind howling outside. Fortunately the stars were showing which meant we had been spared the rain for now. So started the last day of our Freedom Challenge Race Across South Africa.

Before reaching Stetteynskloof I was almost blown over the side of the mountain and then off the narrow bridge. That was the warm-up.

Portaging ones bike for seven hours through Stetteynskloof. My level of eloquence precludes me from being able to describe adequately in words what we endured.

Almost twelve hours after we left Trouthaven in the morning we arrived at our final destination: Diemersfontein in Paarl. 23days. 2350km. Off road. Unsupported. Through every weather system possible and every road /track surface imaginable (infact probably more than imaginable). Up inclines that even agile duikers struggle with.

Over the next few weeks I will distill some of the thoughts into cohesive text and combine with some of the better photographs for general perusal. In the meantime:

I made it. I finished. I am now a proud member of the Clan of Blanket wearers.


8 thoughts on “And now the end is here…

  1. This has been one of the most interesting ‘story’s to follow. By documenting this challenge, I have been able to vicariously take it with you and it has been a ‘real thrill’. Well done Peter! Enjoy the warmth that your blanket represents!

  2. BRAVO Pete. You are a legend! What a mammoth effort. We are so proud of you. Enjoy the rest. Love from Inglisx4

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