Winds up Schurfteberg

Every morning I wake up wondering how some of these farmers live in such cold houses. Not only are the farmsteads built in the valleys, they have no insulation and the windows are always open. Some of them have inside heating others not.

Yesterday (25th June) at the dinner table – the host developed a dislike of the vet -when I suggested (on his questioning) that his two sick piglets where more likely to be sick with abscesses around the injection site due to the injection technique than due to the vaccines themselves. (I only realised that he was the injection technician when the three daughters started grinning). Then we heard how the medical profession had mistreated him. An entertaining discussion. The host eventually pronounced that it was in fact the pharmaceutical companies that were to blame for the worlds ails. To which we nodded and started discussing the next days route. It was only in the morning that we discovered my narratives were one page short…
The boys are back and on form. Dominating most of the hills, making the cycling good again.
The wind blew us into and then down Schurfteberg. A long, seemingly unending climb.

Arrived at Grootdam / Grootvlei / Grootvlakte in good time and feeling strong. We considered doubling up and pushing onto the next stop but Johann needed to coordinate our next stop with a visit to the Post Office in order to collect a replacement lower bracket and ball bearings (for the bits between the peddles). That allowed us enough time in the daylight to strip the bikes down. I have worn through both sets of brake pads and only have one spare (that is not good).

Part of the bike maintenance session entailed wandering around with Neil – farmer – and experimenting with various sanding belts and polishers. Problem not really solved but a temporary solution found. I managed to get a low down on the farm: there is some communal land bordering a few neighbouring farms where “they treat their game animals well, with a little bit of hunting on the side”.

Rest of the evening was spent discussing politics and health care systems while I tinkered on my bike.

Tomorrow will be a long one.


(PS: for those who have made comments that haven’t appeared on the website – once I am able to access my website they will no longer be marked as ‘pending’ & be visible to everyone).

Peter O’Farrell
KZN, South Africa.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose” (Steve Jobs 1955-2011).

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