Today something changed

This morning we had to cycle to Elandsberg for breakfast (it ended up being closer to lunch). We had opted to stay over in Hofmeyer last night to avoid doing the last part of the portage at night. So we did it at 9am – in the light and still ended up hike-a-biking through thick bush. The changing landscape has made way for scrub land with thorn bushes strewn around. These thorn wielding bushes have thorns long enough to penetrate through ones helmet and into the sensitive skin on the scalp. This I can vouch for.

The telephone poles in the Karoo all vibrate at a different frequencies in the pre-dawn breeze. Makes for interesting cycling comparing the frequency variations. Before I could bore of listening – the wooden poles changed to metal and I was able to start from the beginning.

Discovering the first ostrich farm confirmed our position as being in the Karoo.

Johann & I have become adept at cycling downhill after sunset. We have one functioning Bike lamp and one headlight between the two of us. Most of the time this works well, except for the occasions when one bails off the track (usually me) and leaves johann in darkness still descending at speed. Then tonight was a case of only seeing the closed gate at the last minute. Fortunately neither of us went over the gate.

Stuttgard farm is the epitome of Boere hospitality. It is a daily occurrence for us now and all too easy to get used to.

The bikes are behaving – Johann’s replacement ball bearings and cluster is en route via the post office (speed Courier) hopefully to be ready for collection when we pass the depot in two days time.

Today something changed: reaching Diemersfontein in Paarl became tangible.


Peter O’Farrell
KZN, South Africa.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose” (Steve Jobs 1955-2011).

4 thoughts on “Today something changed

  1. Hey Pete – WELL DONE DUDE! Sounds like you’re having a tough but absolutely awesome experience – will certainly have to follow in your footsteps someday in the future! Enjoy every minute – beats late nights in theatre. Enjoy the ride, take in all the beautiful scenary & whistling telephone poles, make new friends & cherish their hospitality – something unique about a lot of saffas

    • Oops – didn’t mean to push and yet – guess it was getting too soppy and was trying to tell me something! Basically – have an AWSOME time – Diemersfontein will appear on the horizon in the not too distant future & you blankie will be waiting for you, but hey – life’s about the journey – enjoy the ride.

      Look forward to hearing all about it when you’re back. Have fun & be safe – condomise!

  2. hey now don’t look back always look forward stay on track
    Prime Circle

    Wishing you guys all the best and rooting for you – know you can do it.

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