Hofmeyer – a good day.

Finally a day with good weather and relatively few bike mishaps.
After four hours sleep in Romansfontein, bikes were patched ready for another day. The mud is taking its toll on the breaks and gear changing mechanisms – they simply aren’t working properly.

I have lost track of days and dates. Routine is to get up early, plan day around routes and the sunlight (avoid tricky navigation in the dark), cycle and attempt an adequate caloric intake. The day started with another “find the highest point and go over it” narrative. The mud has change colour and consistency. The ‘snotty’ mud has made way for a more earthy darker mud. Equally effective in clogging things up but becoming less ubiquitous.

We have now crossed the cusp and entered the Karoo. Marked change in scenery and by no means flat! Most farm roads have a gradual (10degree) incline.

Body wise – GI tract not performing at its peak which has lead to some rapid dismounts and quick de-layering (wearing two bibs and multiple layers). The legs are not acclimatising as I had hoped.

Besides that Johann & I in good shape. Will be making a pit stop in two days time to collect a replacement bottom bracket for his bike. My ice cream container modified handle bars are performing well.

Another early start to get to Elandsberg. (btw: tracker should be functioning properly again).

Thanks for all the messages and support. Please take a few minutes to follow the links and peruse the Project Rhino KZN site and consider making a donation (can follow the ‘GivenGain’ links).

Peter O’Farrell
KZN, South Africa.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose” (Steve Jobs 1955-2011).

One thought on “Hofmeyer – a good day.

  1. Bonjour Pete. Yours is a mammouth undertaking which I follow with keen interest and awe. Bravo for your tenacity in the midst of metamorphosing mud, continuous cold, perpetual inclines and bike blues. Remember the wine is Paarl is very lekker! Love from Sandy, Ilda, Margot and Zara

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