Malekgalenyane – Day 4

Finally a day where we saw the accommodation in the daylight.

Left Masakala at 06:30, cycled through the flood plains and countless spurs / valleys / watershed areas. Today was easier. Less distance, sometimes on a path, others not (cf. Cycling through flood plains).

The once ubiquitous cattle are gradually being replaced with Basotho ponies.

The Maluti mountain range is visible now with a sprinkling of snow (realistically that is a significant amount when viewed from this distance). With the snow and the altitude comes the resultant cold winds. The significance (and functionality) of The Blanket is becoming apparent. Every person who completes the Freedom Challenge is presented with a traditional initiation blanket and joins the Clan of Blanket Wearers (ie those who are crazy enough to have done the Race Across South Africa).

Johann & I have discovered the advantages of having blocked upper respiratory tracts: the smell of clothes (2-3 day old, used cycling attire) is lessened.

Tomorrow is another long day: 4am start to try and get to Vuvu before its dark.

Still no success with internet / cell phone signal so this Blog update will probably only be sent during the week. Updates are available on Twitter (posted by @freedom_trail and anything with #RASA2012 ) or via the GPS tracker on the Freedom Challenge website.


Peter O’Farrell
KZN, South Africa.

“Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose” (Steve Jobs 1955-2011).

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