Back in the game

After an unplanned leave of absence (last minute flight to Jo’burg for the Freedom Challenge Race Briefing); two big training cycles (Notties – Himeville 100km and the Giants Castle MTB Challenge), job interviews; exam results being released (third time lucky!) and busier than usual days and nights at work, I am back.

Everything is on target for the Freedom Challenge. The ice-cream containers have been sourced. I am slowly purchasing supplies, rations and spares to pack into the containers – which will become my lifeline for the duration of the Freedom Challenge / Race Across SA.

Had some positive feedback from Project Rhino. More details to follow. Major blog revamp is due to begin this week. My other passion (Iditarod and the sled dogs) will still be featured here, but they will have to share the stage with my next few adventures. (as things stand at the moment – 2013 is going to be a year of colder and somewhat higher climes compared to usual).

Now for some photos:

The first official portage for the day


Then comes the fast and furious downhill






A rough idea of the route for the Race Across SA.

Now I need to spend some time online sourcing parts for my mountain bike.

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