Building A Monster

The Route

Over the next few weeks I will expand of the concept of building a monster and how it ties in with a project (actually two project that will be dovetailed) that I am currently planning. Watch this spot.

In the mean time, here is the view I enjoyed while peddling away for a little over 100km between Nottingham Road and Himeville in the ‘Berg. Some of you will recognise its proximity to the Loteni District Road (a road I bonded with on the joBerg2c). Using it as a training run and not racing (by implication need to be in sufficient for tomorrow to go and spend a few more hours in the saddle) I plodded away for 7h20min and ascended 2600m. All the uphill (and there was plenty – leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth by some of the participants) resulted in great sections of meandering district road downhill. One section was 13km. Excellent!

A glimpse of what lay ahead.

Appreciating the view

The dirt road on the left is where we had started the climb.

Now, it is time for me to replenish the nutrition lost while sitting in the, what became, a decidedly hard saddle.

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