That’s (almost) all folks
“… The Beringtons were born and raised in northern Wisconsin. They began mushing at the age of ten when they built a sled out of skies and a milk crate then hitched up the family pets – a Great Pyrenees and a Border Collie. Both Anna and Kristi have served in the National Guard. Anna ended up working for a sled dog touring company and decided she was ready to go for the real deal of racing. Kristi wrangled horses for a while. Their love for animals, especially dogs, has brought them to the Last Great Race. Kristi finished her third Iditarod today, forty-three seconds behind twin sister Anna, who earned her rookie belt buckle this afternoon. The veterinarians commented on what great condition their dogs were in at the finish line as well as the generous amount of love shown the dogs by Anna and Kristi. …”“Jamie Kinzer was the first musher to arrive at the burled arch on St. Patrick’s Day. Kinzer, a rookie, has endured a lot of tough weather to earn the coveted belt buckle.

It was Murphy’s Law #35 – on the ninety mile run from Kaltag to Unalakleet, the temperature dropped to minus thirty-five degrees then out at Shaktoolik, winds of thirty-five miles per hour created a ground blizzard that held teams hostage at the checkpoint. On the run in from White Mountain, Kinzer had her dogs in their best Irish green attire but after coming over Topkok, the dogs were getting warm so it was time to take the coats off. Jamie said the young dogs had a great run and they could have done even better had it not been for her mistakes like over sleeping at Elim.”

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