What would it take? Everything.

Here’s what Iditarod legend Rod Perry told Iditablog add about overtaking a musher on this stretch:

As tough as the others are, I doubt they could get off and run ahead of their teams as Dallas would be capable if temperatures aren’t too cold and his team’s not going too fast. Jogging at a 7-8 minute mile pace is not too hard for one in such shape. I know on the first Iditarod I ran much of the 32 miles from Solomon into Nome ahead of my leader to try, with my 5-dog team, to beat Ramy’s dad’s time for the fastest over the final stretch. I ended up 3rd. That can really pick the speed up and be nice diversion for the dogs, as they love their driver, are trained from puppyhood to look to him for leadership, and following their musher is a great change -up from the hundreds of miles of being driven by him from behind.

( http://iditablog.com/2012/03/13/what-an-iditarod-upset-would-take/ )

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